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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Hello this is the first post of my new website.

I want to put stuff on here related to general health concerns and my own interest in mind and body health.

So to start . . .

It seems to me that there are a lot of vested interests in the 'health industry'' that don't always have the long term health of the nation at heart.

For example the NHS is brilliant at emergency care and the management of diseases that have become life threatening; but; health promotion and the prevention of disease is outside its remit, so people have to find heir own way to good health for themselves, their families and their neighbours.

Good health would mean less need for GP's and Hospitals so its not in the interest of the medical profession to devote resources to community health building, despite the fact that many long term health conditions are better treated through non-medical measures ie not drugs or surgery.

Similarly the pharmaceutical industry is set up to develop drug treatment for known diseases and sell them for profit. Generating sustainable health where we don't need drugs is not there mission.

The 'health food and supplement' industry is slightly better in its orientation to selfceare and nutrition but unless you can afford high quality supplements for the rest of your life then that route is limited for most people.

If we look at the things that suppress good health, like poor food quality, poor air quality, poor water quality, high levels of disadvantage and health inequalities in communities, there are no long term policies to address these complex needs across societies.

Similarly there are inadequate places for play and exercise for young children and families which lead to low levels of physical activities and poorer health outcomes, and on and on the list goes . . .

Without a comprehensive look at both the factors that build health, and those that undermine it, we will always be chasing the mirage of 'spending more money' on the NHS; looking for the next 'miracle cure' from the pharmaceutical industry; or vitamins and supplements will be promoted as the 'missing ingredient' in our diets.

We need to look at health building as an integral part of Government policies not as something that is delivered by a more resourced NHS; more and better drugs; or more powerful supplements.

One part of that examination of our nations health should be how we can empower people through self-care and information about health choices.

There are good resources out there but they need to be more widely disseminated so people can make informed choices about there health and begin to ask for more comprehensive action to be taken about health promotion; its not all about spending money or building bigger hospitals. Communities need to be empowered so we can take back control of our own health.

This blog will explore these issues as they arise and suggest ways forward for our own healthcare and the nations, a tall order but someone has to have a go !!

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