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Cognitive decline in the Elderly & Active Ageing

Osteopathy is a physical therapy that sees the living body as a dynamic unity. Osteopaths view each individual as a unique case with a different body history requiring a personalised treatment. We treat the whole person not the symptom.

I am a Registered Osteopath offering osteopathy alongside a range of complementary bodywork modalities. I also hold qualifications in Psychology, Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Education which enables me to take a mind-body approach and develop holistic treatment plans, particularly where there are psychological or emotional components to physical symptoms being experienced.

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About Dennis Donnelly

Holistic Osteopathy

Dennis Donnelly B.A., M.A., M.Sc., D.O., G.Os.C. 

(Also fully qualified in Perrin Technique; Hendrickson Method; Meir Schneider Self-Healing; Hanna Somatic Education; Emotional Freedom Technique; and Stress Related Physical Illness Model) 

I have developed a special interest in psycho-somatic illness and stress conditions in relation to the treatment of Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia, Migraine, persistent pain problems and degenerative joint conditions. 

I have worked within the NHS delivering physical therapy to GP Practices for over 24 years, and won numerous National Awards and Scholarships for my work in delivering Integrated Healthcare and developing innovative Community Health schemes.

Osteopath at Work

Practising at:

Bentham, North Yorkshire

Sole to Soul,

Grasmere Dr, Bentham, Lancaster LA2 7JP

***Monday 1pm - 6pm & Friday 9am - 4pm

Osteopath at Work

Kendal, Cumbria

Highfield Osteopathy, 33 Appleby Rd, Kendal LA9 6ES

01539 740452

Monday 1pm - 6pm & Friday 9am - 4pm

Osteopath at Work

Liverpool, Merseyside

Fullwood Osteopath, 

300 Aigburth Rd, Liverpool L17 9PW

9 till 7.30


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