Covid Times

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

These are extraordinary times for anyone in the healthcare business, whilst we are all aware of how this pandemic is affecting us all, and in particular our patients, and it is not easy to support everyone in the way that we would like because of concerns about spreading the infection and putting people at risk.

In my case because I deal with people's bodies involving physical examination and palpation with subsequent hands-on treatment it has affected my practice very deeply.

Some practitioners are beginning to go back to work with full PPE and deep cleaning protocols in place, and this might be all we can do at this moment.

I have done some telephone and video sessions with clients and have found that the sessions went well and patients have benefitted.

I have also setup a dedicated WhatsApp group for my ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia patents where I can offer some support and members can exchange experiences and information as it becomes available. We are going to do a Zoom meeting soon so people can talk to each other directly. We have done that in Liverpool and Manchester in the past and that helped people feel a bit more connected at this time when a lot of people simply are not able to get out as much as they would want.

I have also thought that a general WhatsApp group for all my past and present patients might be useful as another way of offering support. it will be by invite only as I feel that it might be of use, people can use it as they wish.

If anyone feels that that might be useful then get in touch and I will set it up.

Meantime stay safe


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